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Do: Shower. Its just a good thing. Rub scalp with palms while in the shower to keep hair tangled
Let your self get too stinky. Don't shampoo too often.

Showering is touchy, because some people can't go a day with out it. Its not me but if its you just make sure you are not washing your hair every time you step into the shower. I would say about three times a week with a very mild shampoo, at the most. I might take a shower two times a week and take a wash my hair one of those times. The best thing to do is just rinse your hair in the shower and at the same time massage your dreads and scalp thoroughly. By doing this, your hair will stay knotty. I could go on and on about showers, I personally think it is a very important thing to understand when dreading your hair. Never is my hair so knotty after a nice shower. When drying your hair, use a towel to frizz and lock in the knots.


Bar Soap

Do: Use a cheep bar soap. If you live in a humid area use bar soap as much as your heart desires
Use dove or any other moisturizing soap. Also don't use soap in a dry region.

I met a girl who had used bar soap to create her dreads. By drying out, and damaging her hair with the soap, she was able to create dreadlocks. I tried bar soap for a little while, but I was worried about drying out my dreads to much. It was winter in Pennsylvania, and the climate was very dry. I have heard about breakage and I was worried. If you are in humidity all the time I don't think that using bar soap will hurt, but just don't use dove or any other moisturizing soaps. It will make your hair way too nice. I recommend the cheapest bar soap that you can get your hands on .If you decide to go this route, always use bar soap in place of shampoo.



Do: Use a very mild shampoo.
Don't use anything like Pantine Pro-v, or conditioners.

I have found that Knotty Boy offers a great shampoo, although if you would rather pay half the price and get it today, just go to your local natural food store and look for a shampoo called Desert Essence. It smells and works exactly the same except its cheaper. Also while you are there pick up a mineral rock. They are used as deodorant, but try rubbing it on your head in the shower. I used it for a little while but then I decided the stop the whole salt on the dreads thing altogether.


Salt Water

Do: Use salt water in a spray bottle if you live in a humid area.
Use if you live in a dry area.

If you live a humid region of the world salt water may be a great tool for getting your hair to dread. My first dread was made mostly with salt water in a spray bottle (one part salt to twenty parts water.) I personally thought that it was making my hair too dry and brittle. Think of it this way, those rastas down in Jamaica and people that live on the beach have an easy time dreading their hair, due to salty air and sea water. Most beaches are located in very humid areas which helps balance the effects of drying out hair. Use salt water if you think it is ok but keep an eye on the effects its having on your hair.



Do: Stick to the wax.
Try any of your buddy's brilliant ideas.

Some people have great ideas about strange things that you really should not put into your hair. ( i.e.: honey, beer, mango paste, etc.) All these things may work all though they may also attract bugs. If it smells sweet, its a bugs treat. Stick with the wax and don't try any of your buddy's great ideas. If you do know of any dreading secrets that have to do with edible substances, e-mail me and fill me in on it.



Do: Wear tams and loose fitting hats, especially after a refreshing shower.
Wear tight hats or any thing that may flatten dreads.

I don't want to tell you what kind of hats to wear, but I will tell you that some hats really do help dreads form. Tight hat do not. All tight hats will do is flatten your dreads. Think about it, you flatten your your dreads enough while sleeping when they are crammed between your head and the pillow. Tams and other loose fitting caps are great for dreads. They contain dreads without flattening. After you get out of the shower and you have frizzed your hair a much as passable with a towel, toss on a tam a know that your little dread friends are thanking you. Keeping your hair wet and warm helps the tangling process. Tams promote this.



Do: What you think is ok. Be a little cautious
Let your hair get too damaged.

If you feel comfortable with bleach and you want those little lightened dread tips, go for it. I will say that bleach damages your hair. I personally would worry about drying out my hair, which can lead to breakage at the roots of your dreads.


Rubber Bands

Do: Use rubber bands around roots on young dreads.
Use on developed dreads. Don't not overuse rubber bands.

Rubber bands are great for keeping the roots in check when you are starting your dreads. They keep the right hairs going to the right places. Once your dreads start to develop a little more and become thicker I would remove all elastics and switch to beads if you still need help keeping them together. Aside from what you have heard other places rubber bands did not help round the ends of my dreads. They just made my dreads look goofy. People write to me and tell me that this does work. If you want you can try it for yourself. Put a rubber bands close to the ends of your dreadlocks. Wait about a month and look for round tips. Let me know.

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